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[ Скачать бесплатно демоверсию (653.9 Kb)] 27.05.2013, 15:45

Now is the time of great and rapid changes in the world, in the state, in the life of every person. The fore the personal qualities that allow him to find his way in life, to be in demand in a particular activity. Such activities are science and sports. To them should be given the highest priority in higher educational establishment in preparing future professionals and citizens. They define life strategy and the basis for all future social adjustment of youth.

In this monograph the Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor of SSGA  Viktor N. Moskvin have presented the materials about human life strategy based on his research activities and extreme sports - marathon swimming in cold water (akvays-sport). This required from the author the most active manifestations of individual qualities, the main of which - purposefulness. He implemented the unique marathon swim in cold water, including waters of Antarctica, the Strait of Magellan, mountain lakes - Teletskoye and Titicaca (3810 m), Cho-Yamdrok (4580 m), Namu-Cho (4850 m), Lake Loch Ness.

This monograph can be recommended to students and university professors, athletes and coaches, and to all those who are interested in extreme sports and a healthy lifestyle.

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